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Why Auction?

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Why Auction?

'Going once…Going twice…SOLD!…to the lady in red!'

If you've been to an auction, you know how these words 'SOLD' will impact the crowd.

With auction there is no second chance.  The excitement of a live auction is unmatched by any other method of sale.  The professional auctioneer creates a competitive buying situation that cannot be duplicated by any other sales method.

Through intense market exposure auctions create a unique seller's market. The auctioneer sets the bidding increments, tone, and pace by controlling nearly every aspect of the auction.

Only at auction, can an auctioneer as the salesperson:

Set the time, date, and format of the sale.

Set the buyer's terms to the seller's specific conditions.

Expose goods and property to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Guarantee the sale is at True Market Value-not just at some guessed-at or driven-down, invented figure which may be established by a less than favorable economy.

Only at auction can the auctioneer: exercise showmanship; to excite or encourage buyers to bid now, or lose their chance to make a purchase.  

Capitalize on crowd excitement and sell items for prices greater than Market Value, by setting a price and bidding pace instead of settling for a salable price.

With Auction the seller will:

Cut down on holding costs and closing times

Ensure fast cash returns on sold assets

And only at auctions will you hear: 'SOLD! To the highest bidder.'

The auction method of marketing is by far the most profitable way of converting goods, personal property and real property into cash.

Typically with a conventional sale the asking price is established and the final sells price is negotiated.  This negotiated sells price will typically be reduced far from the initial asking price. 

Only at auction is a selling price negotiated HIGHER rather than being reduced.

Whether you've been to a live auction or not, we know you'll be pleased with the results of our auction services. Contact us today by e-mail at or phone (812) 282-7253 or (502) 458-4815.



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